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The Childhood Of Bella Swan

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This story is based of Bella Swan and her childhood
Prologue summary
It's about a girl who grows up in a messed up life . A father who abuses her and molests her. plus cheats on her mother and blames her mom for their divorce . She still thrives in adversity . She goes through life with hurdles, from molested by her father to dealing with in laws who judge her from day one just because she is different . This story though will be done in three parts first story which is already titled The childhood of Bella Swan . This story will be done from the time of her birth til she turns 13 then the second story will start then the third story will be when she turns 21 years old .
To sum it up
As a baby , Bella's life wasn't normal especially when there is abuse in the household , and among other things. Her parents are Esme and Bob Swan . Bella also has a younger sister named Beth. As a baby , Bella had infections after infections . Bella was born July 3rd 1978 . Beth was born November 23rd 1980.Bella at the age of three started to dance nothing fancy just danced because it felt right . She felt free . At the age of three she has been abused and molested by her biological father ,among other things that she didn't understand . She wasn't allowed to tell anyone what daddy did at night. It was always the same thing every night. Don't tell anyone! If she did he would threaten to kill her mom and baby sister .So she kept quiet . By the time Bella turned seven and Beth turned five they both had been through alot. From abuse , being molested and now a divorce and custody battle .
Beth's pov
Beth being the youngest could only see things she didn't understand . Daddy would come to Bella's room at night while mommy was sleeping . I always wondered why he did that? During the time daddy lived with us . He would spank Bella and I so many times . Up to 50 to a 100 times. Just for nothing , and at other times we may have deserved it. I remember my bottom always hurting and it hurt to sit . My sister Bella always got the worst between the both of us. There was a time daddy was giving us a bath and he tried to drown Bella . I screamed cause i was worried about my siter i was only 3 or 4 years old at the time. Thankfully mommy heard me and came in and got Bella out of the water. . I can't believe i almost lost my sister .
I sometimes wonder what would have happened had daddy would have drowned Bella and would mommy still had divorced him or stayed .
Now my partents are divorced

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